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Friday, June 6, 2014

How to register and load money in MasterCard

A complete solution for online payment gateway, in Nepal.

I couldn't believe it at first:
could it be that simple? I applied, and got account number for US Payment Services. That’s how easy it was.
I have spent a my time and research over online payment gateway more than 10 years in Nepal, let me explain the process clearly. This process confused me, so if it even slightly confuses you, then the following paragraph step by step may help:

US Payment Service(Free apply)

  • US Bank Account Number. 
  • Prepaid MasterCard
  • Online login Statements 

Required Documents (any one)

  •   Passport scan copy
  • Driving License scan Copy
  • National iD / Citizenship Copy

How to appl;(earn $25 today*)

  • Apply for a US Bank Accounts for non U.S. Citizens or non U.S. Residents
  • No Matter Where you are in the world, 

Affiliated US Vendors

  • Amazon / eBay
  • PayPal (World's No. 1 Online payment gateway accepted all over world)
  • Skrill (skrill is accepted by almost all Vendors or Merchants )

Prepaid MasterCard {apply now}

  • Accepted all stores online
  • Withdraw all over ATMs
  • Use in online Pay or Buy
 If you have any quires, Please ask me I'm here for you! [{}Read my Post{errors}]
I have done lots of mistake and error to come to know about these all.

Step by Step Tutorials and Tips CLICK HERE 

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