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Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Verify Skrill Account with MasterCard

We know the trouble to verify Skrill account all over the world if you are trying to verify with your MasterCard with the exact charged amount of Skrill. The thing is, the amount that on the transaction of the amount in MasterCard is not accepted as the true value in Skrill when we try to verify this.

The reason is that the amounts don't match up is because Skrill is making the charges in USD from an international processor, which is causing a cross border fee to be applied to the amount. However, its usually charge a small fee (anywhere in between $0.01 to $2.00).  You have to enter this random amount in order to get your skrill accounts verified, But the exact amount in your transactions in your MasterCard doesn't match.

The different amount is generally ~1.8%. More than you can see in your transaction so you can calculate and enter the amount yourself also but the main thing is that the skrill will give you a change to enter the exact amount only 3 times to get verified your skrill account with MasterCard.

If you want to try follow the below formula.
if X = amount indicated in your transaction page in Card saying Skrill has charged you.
method 1 : (X/101.8 )  * 100 = Y
if the first method is not support and try the second method be sure that you have only 3 chances.
method 2 : (/101.9 )  * 100 = Y
Y = the amount you should add to Skrill to verify your with the Card.

If you believe me, it’s simple. Simple send a message to their your MasterCard customer service centre  and ask them to provide the exact amount skrill charged from your MasterCard Account.

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