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Friday, June 6, 2014

PayPal Vs Skrill in Nepal

Here, I want you all  to pay  a very special attention , as I will be making you an offer, that some of you would be wise to accept.
Specifically, as so many of you, want to buy online clothes, games, websites, hosting services, and more but we have no way to pay online in Nepal. I have spent many years working on the internet and I have gained a lots of experience.

Years of sacrifice, hard work, research on digital money or online payment gateway — these have not been easy sacrifices at all.

To this day, I remain truly humbled by the opportunity you have given me to help you regarding online digital money or currency! It has now been 6 years since I quit the job.

Since I became blogger and freelancer, I have had the opportunity to speak with many more of you – from all over the world – and become acquainted with your specific situations and why its mission means so much to you and the community around you where you live.

As technology continues to replace workers around the world — unemployment — and underemployment — continues to rise.

As a result, the wealth and income from those unemployed and underemployed are moving rapidly to the people that own the technologies that are replacing workers.

As this trend continues, we will no doubt be heading towards a very bad outcome — where the middle class will shrink even further.

Eventually, the frustrated masses will have no choice but to rise and disrupt the system — which will only cause more chaos, poverty and hardship for all.

The only solution that comes to mind, is a technology approach that puts the income, wealth and control in the hands of the people that use the technology — not simply the owners of the technology.

Everyone makes mistakes. Heaven knows I have made lots of them. (And that’s why I am about to make you a special offer, below).

But let’s agree that it’s not fair to you – and to the others that still believe in this mission – that you stick around here and suffer (and share your negativity).

If you are not able to be a part of this because:..... …. you can’t afford your fees…
... well, in that case, for the good of yourself and the community, I am going to make you an offer.

I'm here for you!
If you have any confusion regarding.
  • PayPal 
  • Payza
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
Ask me before creating or open or use your any of the above online payment gateway service and do with confident!

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