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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PayPal New look, logo and verification methods

Introducing PayPal’s New Look! A New Brand Logo Identity and Profile completeness Methods!
Hello Everyone!
Recently! PayPal has changed and updated the design and verification methods for US PayPal account holders!
Profile Completeness
What makes your profile 100% complete?
  1. Registered account with PayPal
  2. Conform email verification
  3. Linked your bank account
  4. Linked your Cards. [Like MasterCard, Visa Card or Credit Cards.]
  5. Conform your Mobile phone verification!*
*A Mobile phone conformation is the more extra protraction for your account! 80% completed PayPal account is almost verified. 
Our friends in the U.S. will be the first to see the new pages, and we'll make sure the rest of the 194 markets we service start to see them in the coming weeks. If you don't see the new pages, keep refreshing and bear with us – it's very common for a site with so much rich content to take time to propagate through the U.S. and then the world.

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